About JPak

JPak is the ideal and econonmically sensible answer for fast, direct delivery of packages. The simple, attractive, all-in-one rate structure from door-to-door reflects actual market needs, and so does the easy to understand system.

What makes JPak the best

  • Very attractive rates - click for details
  • Free membership (Limited Time)
  • Two flights into Kingston & Montego Bay weekly
  • Convenient Pickup Locations
  • Check out the NEW in house online shopping experience at our JPak Sovereign Centre location


Freight Charges

Weight (Lbs.) US$
1 $6.50
2 $9.00
3 $11.00
4 $13.00
5 $15.00
6 $17.00
7 $19.00
8 $21.00
9 $23.00
10 $25.00
11 $30.00
12 $32.00
13 $34.00
14 $36.00
15 $38.00
16 $40.00
17 $42.00
18 $44.00
19 $46.00
20 $48.00
21 $50.00
22 $52.00
23 $54.00
24 $56.00
25 $58.00


Rates are charged on the actual weight

Each additional lb over 25lbs will be charged at a rate of $2.00/lb

Handling Fee of J$300.00 is charged on each shipment

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User Guidelines

User Guideline

The following is a basic guideline which maximizes results when using your account:

Prior to Arrival

  • When you are filling out your personal information on the website from which you are making the purchase please input the PMB# after the first name, followed by the surname and then the address

    First Name:

    John 04-9999




    3775 NW 77th Street

    Miami FL 33147

  • After your order is completed and confirmed please send us a Pre-Alert by email to jpak@laparkan.com.
  • The Pre-Alert should contain your invoice(s) and tracking number if one was received upon purchase.

Upon Arrival

  • Upon arrival of your package you will be notified by one of our customer service agents.
  • The package is then cleared and all charges advanced by JPak. An invoice is then generated outlining the charges and monies advanced for reimbursement.
  • You will again be contacted to arrange delivery at your address or pick up at one of our locations, whichever is more convenient for you.

Our Service requires Payment on Pickup or Delivery



Laparkan Jamaica

10 Second Street

Newport West

Phone: (876) 901-7310


Straight Games

Shop 21

Sovereign Centre

106 Hope Road, Kingston 6

Phone: (876) 631-2329

Montego Bay

Laparkan Jamaica

Shop 14

Portsville Centre

Montego Free Port

Montego Bay, St. James

Phone: (876) 979-8964

Fax: (876) 979-8964